Since 1974

The Fontana company means passion and family tradition, it is in fact established in 1974, since then it has always operated mainly in the field of footwear, leather goods and clothing, with a production of machines and equipment of its own and on request.
Many years of experience and our highly qualified staff, our team spirit , allow us to help solve as much as possible the problems of a technical nature that our customers can find in cases of particularly complex problems, from the design of new machinery and custom-made equipment with a valid technical support and profession up to experimentation of various kinds in order to find new solutions that the market in continuous movement subjects to our customers.

Also, for sale, a wide range of studs with legs, thermoadhesive studs and rhinestones.

Our job

Specifically we deal with the production of:

  • Moulds for studs application
  • Single punches for round and shaped studs
  • Equipments for the application of crystal stones and thermo-adhesive studs
  • Vaporizers for footwear
  • Irons
  • Presses for leather relief printing with pressed silicone
  • Complete machine and equipment line for the production of slipper or similar items.

On request:

  • Glue activators
  • Warm air ovens to dry water based glues
  • Canalized vacuum ovens
  • Special machines and accessories on customer’s request.

Commissioned works:

  • Application of jaw studs
  • Application of thermo-adhesive studs
  • Application of jaw crystal stones
  • Application of thermo-adhesive SWAROVSKI crystal stones
  • Logo relief embossing.



Via Adige 35, 20039 Canegrate, Milano



T. +39 0331 40 35 40
F. +39 0331 412 367