Press Matik

Machines compliant with the 89/392 standard

Relief embossing press with silicone or similar material

The operation principle of the machine is the following: the material to be printed is spread on the matrix, a punch engraves a print (logo), which is then filled with silicone or other similar material and then pressed again.

Thanks to a special micrometrical adjustment, it is possible to print on materials of different thickness. A thermometer, a timer and a pressure switch allow the programming of all parameters required for a perfect result on every kind of material. To meet the various market demands the presses are available in 3 different versions, to carry out prints of different dimensions for what concerns both the material and the logo sizes.

The 3 versions:

Press Matik versions

Press Matik 160


Working dimensions: cm. 50
Working power: 160 KN
Dimensions: L. cm. 110 x prof. cm. 90 x h cm. 155 
Weight: kg. 350
Feeding: Volt 380-3 P+N+T – Hz 50/60 – Kw 2.0

Press Matik 60

Working dimensions: cm. 34
Working power: 60 KN
Dimensions: L. cm. 100 x prof. cm. 85 x h cm. 150
Weight: kg. 250
Feeding: Volt 380-3 P+N+T – Hz 50/60 – Kw 2.5

Press Matik 40
(a richiesta)

Working dimensions: cm. 24
Working power: 40 KN
Dimension: L. cm. 90 x prof. cm. 85 x h cm. 150
Weight: kg. 230
Feeding: Volt 380-3 P+N+T – Hz 50/60 – Kw 2.0