CE Machines compliant with the 89/392 standard

Column vaporizer for uppers and leather in general, which through the steam that is created inside the stainless steel container allows to soften the skin to make it more elastic and mouldable; the structure of the appliance and its stainless steel container is very large, the wide opening, controlled by a pedal by the operator, allows you to have your hands free.

Mounted on a column with the possibility of adjusting the height, with the base of the wheels to facilitate any movement. The steam is produced and regulated by a resistance in immersion fed by a thermoregulator, in addition in the upper part and mounted a ceramic resistance so that in addition to the action of the steam a heating action is added, favoring the softening of the material from to work.


Alimentation: Volt 220/2P/50-60 Hz Watt 1.500
Dimensions: L cm. 52 x prof. cm. 50 x h cm. 120 /105
Poids: kg. 38