Thermomatik 60

CE Machines compliant with the 89/392 standard

Low-tension electronic feeder for “mignon” iron or “lissa” handle

Thermomatik 60 is not only provided with a practical and precise temperature adjustment device but its compact and small frame also allows to easily position it in many different ways.

The enveloping protection case for the “Mignon” iron and “Lissa” handle guarantees the maximum operator’s safety in any position of Thermomatik 60.

On request the “lissa” handle is supplied, practical and suitable for any type of lissing.

Feeding: Volt 220/2P/50-60 Hz – Watt 60
Dimensions: L. cm. 16 x prof cm. 25 x h cm. 12
Weight: kg. 3,5

Why buy it?

Its advantages


this sophisticated temperature control electronic equipment allows to constantly maintain the required heat level


Its weight of only 140 grams allows easy and practical ironing.


The “Mignon” iron special shape allows to perfect iron the footwear, specially inside