Eletronik 100

Machines compliant with directive 89/392

Nail puller ELETRONIK 100

The induction operation principle of this instrument consists of putting the heating metal point on the nail “head” which is supposed to be removed, pressing the electric push-button placed on the handle.
The nail is induction-heated until it becomes incandescent. This heating action provokes a widening of the nail hole and thus the nail is pulled out very easily without damaging the sole or the heel.

The heating temperature is adjusted through the front panel regulator; in this way nails or screws of different sizes can be removed in definitely rapid times.


Feeding: Volt 220/2P/50-60 Hz Watt 100
Dimensions: L cm. 16 x prof. cm. 25 x h cm. 12
Weight: kg. 5

Spare parts for round point inserts
Boots handle

The proceeding

  1. Position the metal point and heat
2) Release the button
3) Pull out the nail