Moulds for studs

Moulds for studs

Moulds for for studs can be used for materials with different thickness thanks to their special self-adjusting hinges that adapt themselves to the material thickness.

Personalized moulds are produced with shapes and holes according to the customer’s requirements, both for round and shaped studs.

Mod. 1
(mm. 260x150 – kg.14)

Mod. 01
(mm. 210x120 – kg.10)

Mod. 001
(mm. 120x100 – kg.5)

Mod. 200/7
(mm. 220x220 kg.20)

Mod. 0001
(mm. 340x95 – kg.11)

Mod. 84.75/5
(mm. 120x100 – kg.5)

ES. 1

ES. 2

ES. 3


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